Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Saturday SAL & Other stuff.....

I'm a little late with my Saturday SAL post but I'm sure you'll all forgive me!

This is the latest update:

I'm not going to post the previous picture, just scroll down a bit or check out the Saturday SAL tab! Also, we have a lovely lady called Sasha who's joined us too!  It's ticking along nicely and I'm happy with it so far!  I'm going to have to miss next week's as I'm away but I'll enjoy catching up when I return.  

I was lucky enough to have been gifted a beautiful chart from a lovely friend of mine called Kim (from Sense and Stitchability).  It's Key to Life by Denise Garbis from Tilton Crafts.  Thank you so much, she's lovely!

Which leads on nicely to final piece of news, I was dragged into a StartALong for Tilton Crafts charts and as I had one pretty much kitted up and ready I decided to make a start on Awakening - Denise Garbis.  this is what she'll look like when complete, along with the tiny start I made!

Annoyingly, I had a colour missing and there was loads of it on the first page.  It's a measly start but I will continue once the thread arrives hopefully when I'm back from the family visit.


  1. Love your new chart and new start.

  2. Oh my but you have made great progress on CCC Miamina. I keep hearing about a Tilton Crafts SAL. Can you give me any info on it?


  3. Very pretty new start and I love your new chart.

  4. Lovely start on your new projects and great progress on your Saturday SAL. Love your new chart.


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