Monday, 11 May 2015

Finished stuff!

First off, I must apologise for missing my YOTA post, I didn't stitch anything of them so honestly, nothing to see here!

You may remember me mentioning a bit ago that I'd been stitching something as a gift, well it's now been received so I can share photo's!

It's a kit from Anchor called Together Forever designed by Margaret Sherry:

It's stitched on 32ct Fairy Forest Opalescent Murano from Crafty Kitten.  I took a picture prior to personalising as they preferred for their detail not to be shared online and of course I respected that. It was framed in a modern, gloss white frame with an off-white mat.  I did find it hard to get through as it wasn't my choice and although it's cute, the fact it was for someone else put that "obligation" on me to HAVE to stitch it.  I am very pleased with the result and the fabric looked amazing and was wonderful to stitch on.

My next finish is my "Go-Bag" stitching.  I've not shared any pictures of this before mainly because it generally in my bag ready to go!  It's a nice easy to stitch design that is just 1 solid colour, so perfect for when you are out of the house!

Sorry for the slightly creased picture!  This was a free design from Love Thy Thread, who sadly are no longer trading.  It's stitched on a piece of 28ct fabric from Colour Cascades Fabric that has gold opal threads running through it.  It'a actually a little more red than the picture shows.  I can't tell you what the colour is as it was an oddment from one of the month sales from the FaceBook group.

I don't think I've shared a picture of my framed Pyramid with you all yet.  I've had it back for a while, just haven't managed to get a good picture of it, however I'll share one of the ones we've taken of it!

I hope this gives you some idea of how it looks.  We still haven't decided where to hang it, but hopefully once it's on the wall it'll be easier to photograph!

Also, my most recent progress photo of The Three Fates:

I was going to switch away from this but couldn't decide what to switch to.  hubby suggested using a random number generator and picking that way, so I did....seemed the Fates have conspired and are insisting I continue as this was the number that came up!  I think I'll switch back to the left side and continue down, maybe I'll reach the bottom corner, although that may be slightly too ambitious!

Finally, I want to thank you all for your lovely well wishes; I am feeling better now (well at least as good as I get!) and Charlie is doing well too.  Lets hope we continue feeling well until our little trip away at the start of June!