Saturday, 31 January 2015

OMG....I did it!

I did it!  I completed my first large HAED design!  It's not had a bath yet but I was so excited and wanted to share.

I started it when we went on honeymoon to Egypt, as hubby thought it would be a great idea to stitch something Egypt themed while we were there.  We chose the chart together and rather than buying something new, we picked this one which had been in my stash for years!  

For those that wish to know, the "technical" details:

Started: 30th March 2013
Finished: 30th January 2015
Stitched on 25ct White Magic Guide by DMC, 1 over 1 using DMC thread. 
From Heaven and Earth Designs, designed by Michele Sayetta
Original artwork By Ciro Marchetti

I am really thrilled with the outcome and whilst being quite confetti heavy due to all the detail, was still very enjoyable to stitch.  Now I need to find a good framer as this is one I don't fancy trying to frame myself!  If anyone knows of a good framer in the Manchester, UK area, I would be really grateful for the details!

By pushing to get this finished, I've neglected to keep up with the blog reading this week.  I'm going to try to get through as many as I can today though.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments I've had whilst stitching this and I've really appreciated the encouragement.

Monday, 19 January 2015

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend - January

As it was so cold this weekend, it was the perfect excuse to "Hermit and Stitch"!  I've been a little lapse in sharing pictures of Pyramid 4, which has been my primary focus since before Christmas.  Once I've finished this post, I'll make a point of updating my "Work in Progress" tab so that you can see the recent pictures.  However, I'll show you the most recent progress from this weekend!

This was the starting point on Saturday morning:

....and where I got to on Sunday night:

As you can see, not far to go now, so I think I'm going to stick with it until it's completed.  I know I was going to start a rotation, but once this is done, I will start it!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

YOTA (Year of the Acronym)

YOTA is a Stitch A-Long (SAL) that is being hosted by Pull The Other Thread.  It's a UFO SAL (hence Year of the Acronym!), so basically any project that has been left by the wayside and unfinished.

I've not really set any firm goals for this year, I generally fail, so rather than set myself up to be disappointed I've replaced them with "loose plans"!

1. Stitch QS Clara - any progress is a step forward
2. Try and finish Pyramid 4
3. Don't be sucked in by too many SAL's! (Note...."Too Many", allows for being slightly sucked it!")

Handily, QS Clara falls into the YOTA criteria, so YAY!  I've not stitched on her yet, so this will be my starting point for the year;

I'm setting up a tab specifically to track my progress for this to make it easy to see how it goes.  I've no idea how much will get stitched, but any stitches at all will be a step forward!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas Stitching & Presents

I haven't made a post yet to thank the people who were lovely enough to buy me stitching gifts this year for Christmas, apologies for all the pictures!

Kim from Sense and Stitchability gifted me the gorgeous Elsa - Kordek from Tilton Crafts

Alicia, The Crafty Princess gifted me not 1 but 2 lovely charts from Heaven and Earth Designs!

The lovely lady from Pull The Other Thread gifted me the stunning Anastasia - Zielinska, also from Heaven and Earth Designs

The poorly Nikki, who's been suffering from stitching withdrawal after a shoulder surgery gifted me the wonderful chart for  Once Upon a Midnight Dreary - JBG along with the material pack for it that Heaven and Earth Designs also sell!  I suspect she's trying to lead me astray!

I was also lucky enough to receive an Amazon voucher from the lovely Rachel and her sister Petrina, who have a knitting and stitching blog here!  

Hubby, the well trained man that he is, also bought me some stitchy bits too!  I got a kit from Gecko Rouge called Jaunee - Koresh.  

He knows of my love of Angels and my taste in art and picked really well!  I was also fortunate enough to get a voucher for Gecko Rouge from my dear friend Lesli, so I'm taking my time to pick something else out too!  There are several that have caught my eye and deciding is hard!  I've joined the Gecko Rouge FB group and one of the new releases is this:

I keep going back to look at it so this may well be my next purchase!  Although Maleficent, Black Magic Unicorn and Daemon in Rosa are also right there too!

Hubby also bought me my first Gorjuss kit too!  He chose The Fox, which is so cute....well they all are really!

What can I say, but a massive Thank You to all of my lovely friends.  I count myself so blessed to have met so many wonderful people through online forums and blogs.  You make my life so much brighter!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish all my followers a very Happy New Year!  I hope that 2015 brings good things for all of you and your loved ones, with plenty of stitchy time!