Sunday, 27 January 2013

January WIPocalypse

Welcome to the first WIPocalypse post of 2013!  Just to introduce myself, I'm Angie and I love stitching a variety of things!  There's additional info on my "About Me" if you want to know more about me.  Let's get onto the stitching.....

This year I'm not setting any particular goals as such, just a rough plan as to what I want to work on and lets see how much I can get done.  I'll list them with pictures (I like lots of pictures :P) and current progress if there is any:

1. QS Mystic Garden - HAED 2013 SAL - I plan to complete this before the end of the year.

Mystic Garden

2. QS Clara - Started this last year and I'm stitching the outline first so that I can colour it in.

September 2012

3. The 3 Fates - Jasmine Becket-Griffith (HAED) - I haven't started this as yet, but I do plan to start it very soon.

4. A Rose For My Love - Zindy Nielsen (HAED) - Started last year but I haven't stitched very much of it, can't wait to get stuck in properly.

August 2012

5. Celtic Fairy - Joan Elliott - Started last year and would love to make more progress on it.  She got pushed to one side due to other stitching commitments but hopefully she'll get some love this year.

June 2012

6. Lickle Ted birth sampler - Started for the birth of my cousin's baby, who arrived just before Christmas.  Although I haven't set a firm completion date for this, I would very much like to have it done for his 1st birthday.

7. Dog Lessons For People - Lizzie*Kate - Stitching for 4 hours per week as a SAL with some friends of mine.  The general plan is to stitch this on Sunday afternoons so I'm hoping that this grows steadily.

This list may well change over the year, but this the general plan.  I've decided not to use a rotation and just go with the flow and see what happens.  I'm trying not to have (m)any new starts but they do have a habit of ambushing you so who knows :P

Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I know we are almost halfway through January but....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm running a little behind with everything at present, for some reason it always takes me a lot longer to get in gear after Christmas and get back to my normal routine.  It doesn't help that OH keeps working from home and disrupting my routine too!

Well.....I said this year I would be forgoing all the SAL's and just doing my own thing without any pressure and just enjoying myself.....and I've already gone back on that.  I knew that I was joining in the HAED 2013 SAL and I've already blogged about that, but nothing else but a couple of friends of mine are doing a Lizzie*Kate SAL using the cat/dog lessons for people charts.  I was very kindly given this chart by a friend and have wanted to stitch it for a long while so I've decided to join too.

I've got some lovely 32ct Raw Floba (bit like linen) to stitch it on and I ordered the speciality threads.  I'm really excited!  It's only a 4 hours commitment each week so it shouldn't have an impact on what else I choose to stitch.

I have a very small update on my HAED SAL piece to share:

It's stitched on 18ct Pewter Aida and should turn out at just under 8"x8" when finished, which I thought was a nice size for framing.  It's very confetti heavy, but that should mean lots of great detail too.

I'll try and get through everyone's blogs, but I might not get chance to leave comments as there are a lot to catch up with, I will try though!