Tuesday, 7 October 2014

No willpower.......

This will not come as a shock to many of you.....but I have no willpower, particularly when it comes to stitchy goodness.  I mentioned in my last post that Nene Thomas charts were being retired from HAED, well, Michele has managed to get 3 new ones finished just in time for people to grab them before they disappear.  She has also extended the sale for an extra day to help, although the charts will be available until 15th October.

Carousel Horse Raven Black

Lord of Snows

I have loved the picture "Prophecy" since I first saw it and it was one of the pictures I was particularly sad that HAED would not be able to chart, so when I awoke this morning to the news it had been charted, I ran off to buy it!

As you may suspect, Prophecy wasn't the only chart I bought!  I also added Mini Winter Wings, Mini Wind Moon, Mini Moon Indigo, Mariposa and SK Deidre!

Mini Moon Indigo
Mini Wind Moon
SK Deidre
Mini Winter Wings

I also had to grab Elsa from Tilton Crafts as it is also being retired and I have to stitch it for my niece....ok who am I kidding...I need to have it :)

So between all the charts, a couple of extra pieces of Crafty Kitten fabric, can you believe I'm still thinking of joining the Lizzie*Kate SAL and also possibly the Passione Ricamo SAL as well!  My Hubby does keep trying to talk me out of them, not due to a financial reason, but from a time point of view.  I moan that I never get enough stitching time to get everything I want to stitch done!  I admit, he may be right, but it doesn't stop me from looking and longing does it?

I also have an update of The Three Fates to show you!

I had been stitching the right side of the design and now I'm going to switch back to the left side for a while.  I foresee a fair bit of blue in my future!


  1. I really love Lord of Snow but no, I can't have it. Money is too tight at the moment for me to buy another.

    The Lizzie*Kate SAL was tempting me too but I still haven't finished last years yet!

  2. Wow on your new charts, lots of stitching there.

  3. I so love all your new stash Miamina. Wonderful progress on Three Fates.


  4. Loving your progress on the three fates, they're so lovely!
    And loving the choices of Nene's I was tempted by Deidre as well but didn't quite make up my mind in time.

  5. WOO HOO great stash haul! I like how you're attacking the 3 fates, it keeps it interesting instead of just going page by page in order. It's looking really cool too. I hope you like the colour blue!! LOL xo Alicia


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