Saturday, 30 November 2013

Mystic Garden Completed

I've actually managed to finish the HAED 2013 Bulletin Board SAL before the end of the year and I'm thrilled!  It's actually turned out pretty well and I'm really happy with it!

Since completing it if been in a "post finish slump" and haven't wanted to do any stitching at all, however the bug is slowly creeping back.  I've managed to finish the second part of the Lizzie*Kate Mystery SAL, although I've not taken a photo.  I'm now making a slow start on the last part and hopefully it should be done before the end of the year.  I've also stitched a little bit of the birth sampler that I started for my Cousin's baby, who was born last December, bit not enough to see any real change as yet!  I will take a photo once I've got something to show.

Hope you are all enjoying getting ready for the festive period.  I've had to be prepared early as I've got a few parcels to be sent overseas.  They aren't all wrapped yet, but I've got all the gifts made and bought, so they should be ready to go out early next week.  I then have to start shopping and crafting for the friends and family nearby!