Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Artist retiring from HAED

I just wanted to make a small post to highlight the announcement that Nene Thomas is retiring from Heaven and Earth Designs effective from 15th October 2014.  I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to purchase these before they are no longer available.  There is also a 25% sale at present, so it makes sense to grab them whilst they are a little cheaper.

This comes as great disappointment to me as I very much love her artwork, however I have purchased a  large number of her charts over the years so I will have plenty to stitch.

This is a small selection of some of her charts that I own and hope to stitch in future.  I would also like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Nene for allowing her artwork to have been charted for such a long time and I'm sure she didn't make the decision to no longer license her artwork for cross stitch lightly.  


  1. Such beautiful designs... a sad loss for the cross stitching world.

  2. Argh I am waiting for the site to come back up so I can make my final purchases, I have a few on my list but I think there is only one or two MUST haves that I am going to buy

  3. Her art is breathtaking!

  4. As a rule, I don't like to purchase charts until I am ready to actually start stitching them. But I couldn't pass this by, as there were 2 charts that I had on my bucket list to stitch.

    I now have so many charts in the hold that I won't have enough time in one life to finish them, but I will give it a solid effort to at least try!

  5. Edited to add: I looked. I bought.

  6. I also have a few of her charts, it's sad that she is stopping. I have so many charts I can not buy any more right now so I will just have to make do with the ones I have. Thanks for showing us what charts you have.

  7. I wonder what is the reasoning behind her decision. I was very disappointed. If it weren't for HAED I would never have been exposed to Nene's work. Oh well, I wish her all the best in her creative future.
    xo Alicia

  8. if for some reason you no longer wish to stitch asiria, i would love to purchase her from you


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