Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WIPocalypse March (in April)!

Yes I know, it's April and I'm late with my March WIPocalypse post...but better late than never right?

I've actually got 2 finishes since last month and a new start that wasn't what I'd planned.  Those who regularly stop by might have already seen these (at least I think I shared both) so I'll start with those.

First up, QS Lady Bug - Ching Chou Kuik (HAED) on 20ct Fairy Wings Aida from Crafty Kitten

Also, Dog Lessons For People - Lizzie*Kate on 32ct Floba.

Sorry for the slightly crumpled appearance but I've not had chance to press them yet.  I'm really pleased with the way they both turned out though.

Next is QS Clara - Hannah Lynn (HAED)


Still doing the outline but she's taking shape and coming along well.

The HAED SAL page 2 was sent out at the beginning of March, even though I've not finished the first page I've still continued stitching across onto the new page.


It's slow progress but it's coming along and I'm happy with where I am with it currently.  On a side note, the "proper" camera rather than the one on my phone picks up the colours much better, it looks far more vibrant and gives you a much better idea of what it looks like.

So, my new start was originally going to be The 3 Fates by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, however, my wonderful husband and I are going on our slightly delayed honeymoon next week visiting Egypt (with a quick visit to Jordan) and he asked why I hadn't started an Egypt themed HAED yet?  After much looking through the website and my charts we picked out Pyramid 4 by Ciro Marchetti.  He's asked me to take it with me, not necessarily to stitch it whilst we are away, but he wants to be able to take a photograph of it when we visit the pyramids!

Hubby has been very excited by the fact that he can tell it's a pyramid already!

So, there we are....It'll be a quiet April from me as we will be away for most of it but I look forward to catching up with you all when we get back!