Sunday, 5 August 2012

WIPocalypse (slightly late) August #1

It's a few days late but I hope I can be forgiven!  Anyhow, the first of the August WIPocalypse posts.

No finishes this time, but a new start and progress for you.  First up we'll go with QS Clara:


As I've mentioned before, I thought I'd do the black outline then colour it in.  It's coming on well so far.

Next up, SK Blue Moon (HAED SAL).  Still having issues making progress, but at least this time you can see it a bit!  I seem to spend hours on this without anything to show for it, but determined to finish it and keep ploughing on will not defeat me!


As I've not worked on this for a while, I decided that Endless Dream (HAED) should have an outing.  Didn't get a lot done, but a small bit of progress is still progress.


Last up, my new start, Lickle Ted Patchwork Sampler:


This has had to take precedence over my Celtic Fairy for now as it's a baby sampler for my cousin's baby which is due in January.  I really wanted to be able to have it finished for when the baby is born, although it's not a huge problem if it works out to be slightly after.

That's all for now, look forward to seeing all of your lovely pictures. Thanks for reading, any comments are always greatly appreciated!


  1. Everything looks good. Keep up the progresses.

  2. Great progress on everything! Especially Clara. :) Can't wait to see more!


  3. Wow! You've been busy. Lovely progress.

  4. Clara = Envy envy envy! Looks so gorgoeus, and there's defintiely a face on blue moon.
    Everything looks gorgeous!

  5. Loving Clara, it's so cool to see it come together when you do the background first. And she is a fabulous design, I am so glad you started her, she is one of my favs from Hannah. Blue Moon looks great, don't give up, just keep picking away at it!
    I love the birth sampler you chose, it's very cute, and you are making very speedy progress. I always find stitching them to be a nightmare...I don't stitch well under a time-frame, lol! The last sampler I did was late by 7 months...good thing the mother happens to be my BFF, so she forgave me. They are so worth it in the end to stitch though, as the baby will have beautiful handmade heirloom to last generations!
    You got quite a bit done on Endless Dream, it looks so good, I love the colour palette already!



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