Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sewing Corner

As promised the photo of my new little corner of the dining room which is now my "sewing corner".

It's so lovely having most of my stitching stuff in one corner rather than it being randomly scattered across the house and the chair is very comfortable.  Although you can't really see it, there is also a foot stool so I can rest with my feet up and stitch away to my music or an audio book.

I take part in a surprise exchange on a cross stitch forum, unfortunately in December I was let down my sender, so the organiser made and sent me this lovely book mark:

I was absolutely thrilled with it as I love reading and my old cardboard bookmark is now looking very tatty as it's around 15 years old!

1 comment:

  1. Your stitching corner looks great! Congratulations on creating your own space.

    I am sorry to hear that someone did not uphold their end on an exchange, that can be so very upsetting. Luckily that is fairly rare since most stitchers are generous lovely people :)

    Your bookmark looks great, enjoy it!


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