Friday, 10 April 2015

Where did March go? YOTA post!

I don't know what happened but I seem to have missed March!  I've spent pretty much the whole month being under the weather with Sinusitis and generally feeling pretty grotty :(

Due to the afore mentioned grottiness, stitching has been very slow.  I've stitched a little on The Three Fates, but not enough to show any progress as yet.  I have managed to get my obligation stitching done....HUGE YAY!  I had no idea how hard it was to motivate myself to stitch something that wasn't my choice....I don't think I could be a model stitcher!  I can't show you a picture of it at present as the recipient hasn't got it yet (I only completed it yesterday).

I have decided to add Dirt and Glitter to the YOTA SAL (if you are not familiar with YOTA check out Pull The Other Thread).  She's not had any time spent on her for some time and I wanted to try and get some more stitching time on her.

March 2014

April 2015

Not loads done, but some progress and that's the main thing!

I feel such a sense of freedom now the obligation stitching is done and I can finally catch up on some of the SAL's that have been left behind.  I've got quite a few WIP's on the go and being able to get some of them completed would be good.  I also have fallen behind on blog reading so catching up might take some time, but I'll get there!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You've made some great progress!

  2. Great progress for YOTA. Congrats on getting that obligation stitching out of the way. Now you can stitch whatever takes your fancy. Hope you are feeling a bit better.

  3. Better some progress than none! It looks great!

  4. Awesome progress Angie. I love the green colors.


  5. It's not nice being sick still you did great progress. Hope your feeling better

  6. Looking good! I love the shading on this one, it's so effective. Hope you feel better soon xx

  7. Glad you're feeling better! A little progress at a time, that's all that matters :D

  8. Oooh, Dirt and Glitter is lovely, lovely to see your progress on her sweetie!

  9. That's good progress considering you haven't been feeling well. I do hope you're feeling much better now. :)

  10. I think it's really good progress, especially if you have not been feeling too well.
    I hope you're on the mend now x

  11. Don't worry stunner I'm a little behind on the blog reading to, sorry about that. But I'm here now LOL! I haven't seen Dirt and Glitter before and had to check HAED website. Love it!! I think you've actually done loads myself, great progress Angie.

    I hear you about obligation stitching...I've got 2 on the go and it's very slow going.
    Have fun getting back to your stitching xoxo Alicia


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