Monday, 20 April 2015

IHSW - April

Thank you for all your kind messages about my health after my last post, I was on the mend but sadly had a bit of a setback last week and ended up stuck in bed for a few days.  I am recovering, I'm just having to take it very easy and go slowly....something I tend to struggle with!

Also, poor little Charlie, our American Cocker Spaniel has been under the weather too, He's getting old now and every time a Vet visit is required I always worry, thankfully it's not anything too serious, just rest and time, so we are chilling out together!

As a lot of you may know, it was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend this weekend and I actually managed to get a bit of stitching done, thanks to my forced "taking it easy"!

On Saturday, I dug out Candy Cane Christmas by Ursula Michael that I've been stitching along with Linda and Sasha (check the Saturday SAL tab out for more info).


I know Linda has been taking part in various challenges so I've not stitched on it every week as I don't want to get too far ahead, it's hard as it's such a fun stitch!

Then Sunday I carried on with stitching The Three Fates - Jasmine Becket-Griffith (HAED).


Not masses done, but at least enough to see a little difference :)  I'm going to take it off the QSnaps later so I'll take a full photo then.

Overall I'm really thrilled with the progress and it's been a good weekend!

Thank you to the new followers, I hope that enjoy reading and looking at the pictures.  Please feel free to leave comments, it's always great to hear from people!  I'm sneaking ever closer to the 100 mark, once I hit it, I think it might be time for another give-away!


  1. Great progress on both. You got lots done on the HAED. Sorry to hear you and Charlie have been under the weather. Take it easy and get better, both of you :-)

  2. That's great progress for a weekend. Obviously being forced to take it easy is good for your stitching! Hope you and Charlie both recover soon. :)

  3. Glad to see The Three Fates back in rotation and glad to hear you're on the mend. My little Zach is 15, so I feel ya.

  4. Lovely progress on both pieces Miamina. I promise, as soon as this month is over I will get back to my SAL with you. Hope you feel better soon.


  5. Beautiful progress. Hope Charlie is feeling better:)

  6. Hope you and Charlie are feeling better soon. Dr Justine prescribes rest and stitching time for you both! Both your WIPs are looking great.

  7. Stitching is the best remedy if you're not feeling well!! So keep stitching :)
    Great progress on the HAED and the Christmassy design

  8. Lovely projects and you've made good progress on both. Sorry that you've been ill.

  9. Beautiful progress! I hope you and Charlie feel better, soon.

  10. You did have a good stitching week, everything looks great. Love the Ursula Michael piece.

  11. Great stitching! Hoping you feel better soon :D

  12. Lovely stitching! Candy Cane Christmas is so cheerful:) Hope you feel better soon.
    love Annette

  13. I love Three Fates (which I always want to call three muses for some reason), you've got impressive progress.
    Hope you're feeling okay chick

  14. Both your WIPs are coming along really well. Love 3 Fates.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon.


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