Monday, 20 January 2014

January IHSW

I actually managed to get some stitching in during this IHSW and it was on a WIP that hasn't been touched since August 2012!  I'm thrilled to be working on it again as it's a lovely picture.  It's Endless Dream - Christophe Vacher (HAED) as I've not worked on this for a while I'll show you what it'll (hopefully) look like when it's finished!

Before (Aug 2012)

I had a slight colour incident but hopefully it's not noticeable!  I'm pretty happy with progress that I made and I'm happy to add it into my current (informal) stitching plan.  If you aren't familiar with International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, click on the little picture on the sidebar and it'll take you to Random Ramblings which gives you all the information so you can join in next month!

It was lovely to have some comments about the book blogs and I'm very sure that Emma and Thea will be pleased to have a few more visitors to their pages.  As a few seem to be interested in books, I've added a small link on the sidebar to show the book I'm currently reading and if you click it, it'll take you to the Amazon UK page for that book which gives you more information about it and also reviews. 

Thank you for reading, hope you all had a great weekend.  I look forward to reading all your posts, even if it takes me a while!


  1. Gosh, that's such a beautiful piece!Can't see your colour incident and I'm sure no-one else will. Good luck with the piece, it's going to be stunning!

  2. Pretty design and great progress.


  3. This is a fantastic piece. You got so much done.

  4. I don't remember ever seeing this chart before, it is lovely. You made some wonderful progress too!

  5. Beautiful chart, haven't seen that one before

  6. I love Vacher's stuff. I'm so looking forward to seeing more of this. :D

  7. Thank you very much for all your comments, it's really appreciated and spurs me on!


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