Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I know we are almost halfway through January but....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm running a little behind with everything at present, for some reason it always takes me a lot longer to get in gear after Christmas and get back to my normal routine.  It doesn't help that OH keeps working from home and disrupting my routine too!

Well.....I said this year I would be forgoing all the SAL's and just doing my own thing without any pressure and just enjoying myself.....and I've already gone back on that.  I knew that I was joining in the HAED 2013 SAL and I've already blogged about that, but nothing else but a couple of friends of mine are doing a Lizzie*Kate SAL using the cat/dog lessons for people charts.  I was very kindly given this chart by a friend and have wanted to stitch it for a long while so I've decided to join too.

I've got some lovely 32ct Raw Floba (bit like linen) to stitch it on and I ordered the speciality threads.  I'm really excited!  It's only a 4 hours commitment each week so it shouldn't have an impact on what else I choose to stitch.

I have a very small update on my HAED SAL piece to share:

It's stitched on 18ct Pewter Aida and should turn out at just under 8"x8" when finished, which I thought was a nice size for framing.  It's very confetti heavy, but that should mean lots of great detail too.

I'll try and get through everyone's blogs, but I might not get chance to leave comments as there are a lot to catch up with, I will try though!



  1. I do love those lizzie kate designs. Lovely progress on the HAED BB SAL.

  2. Great new start on the BB 2013 SAL. Look forward to seeing your L*K start.

  3. What kind of marker are you using for your gridding? I have yet to find a fine point marker that will not bleed or is strong enough for gridding (and I shudder at the thought of stitching a grid!). Yours looks so clean and clear!

    1. Hiya Keebs,

      I use the Pilot Frixion pens, I've got both the 0.7 and 0.5 nib version that I use depending on the count of the fabric. They look just like normal ball point pens, but the great thing is that disappear with heat, so you can use a hairdryer or iron and the lines just vanish. You can wash it out using warm water as well if you are worried just like the magic guide fabric lines.

      I did test on different fabric and left them varying lengths of times and they vanished completely. They were actually recommended by quilters (my friend does quilting and she suggested them) as they are just so easy to use. They also come in a number of different colours too!

      Hope that helps.

  4. Wow! Thanks! Heading to Amazon now. I've been using different water soluble erasables that use cold water to remove (some I even have to put ice in the water to get it cold enough to get it out). But usually when I grid a row, I'm switching between numerous pens because one bleeds too much or fades after a couple of rows. I don't think it helps that my current project is using lugana which is WAY more soft than I'm used to. Next big project I am going to use Monaco and it seems to be much stiffer and stronger.

    Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for stopping by.

    Like that lizzie design too.Nice start on the HAED.


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