Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Can I do it?

Well, I managed to finish Page 2 of my HAED SAL Blue Moon WIP and I'm thrilled, I'm starting to believe that it may be possible to have it done by the end of the year!

Not too much left to do, but I've found myself becoming very distracted by Christmas preparations, such as sending cards, buying/wrapping/posting Christmas presents, replying to e-mails and putting up the house decorations.  Hopefully I've got most things out of the way now so I can try and actually spend some quality time and make some headway into that final page.

My threads arrived today for the HAED 2013 SAL piece, I've chosen to do Mystic Garden:

I love Tigers and I was thinking of doing the full sized version of this, so when I saw the crop I was really happy as it was perfect for me!  I've decided to stitch it on some 18ct Pewter ('s grey but Pewter sounds nicer) Aida which I happen to have in my stash.  I was even happier once I realised that I only needed to order 9 skeins of thread as I had the rest already! It was a tough choice though as all the charts this year were lovely.

Hope you are all set for Christmas...not long to go now!


  1. Great progress on Blue Moon. Look forward to the 2013 BB SAL as it will be my first.

  2. you do pick such enormous projects!!!!

  3. Angie Blue Moon is as good as completed. She looks beautiful. Rachel sent me all the charts from the 2012 SAL and Blue Moon is the only chart that I will stitch as she was my second choice.

    Weirdly you are stitching my second choice as well for the 2013 SAL. It was a hard pick between the 2 Marchetti's I have to admit, but how could I (the lunatic extraordinaire) pass up on "Theatre of the Absurd!" It just screams me, right?? LOL!

    Keep going stunner, you can do it!!!

    Alicia xo


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