Saturday, 10 November 2012

I've been a little bad at blogging, sorry for that!  I was still having issues getting back into stitching so I decided that removing all the self imposed rules of rotations might did!

I've stitched a Christmas card for a friend's little boy, I'll not post it just in case she pops by and sees it.

I've neglected the HAED Bulletin Board SAL piece, Blue Moon Story Keep (SK) by Linda Ravenscroft.  I decided to pick that up and I was determined to get through that first page of confetti hell.



I was so pleased with myself, I got through that first page and I've made quite a lot of progress with it now.  I think I'm around 1/2 way through.  I'm unlikely to have it done by the end of the year, but I think if I keep at it I might finish the second page.

Typically, a 50% sale at HAED, I tried so hard to resist as Christmas is just around the corner, but I failed at the last moment!

Ice Palace - Marchetti

Mini Eldar's Secret - Spangler
Lily Fenech - Fenech


  1. You may not have managed to resist the charts, but you picked some gorgeous ones, I love all of those! I sort of resisted, I sent a few RAKs but managed to resist the urge to enhance my own stash!
    I know what you mean about rules, I'm most likely to lose my stitchy bug when I've imposed loads of rules on myself

  2. Lovely progress on your SAL piece. Gorgeous new stash. I have seen the Fenech one before, might go and have a look.

  3. Oh how I love Ice Palace!! =) Such a beautiful piece!

    Great progress on the storykeep =) It looks like a terrible amount of confetti, but it's worth it! =)

  4. Lovely chart selection there. Great progress on the SAL, well done. I'm the same about rules, as soon as I impose them it's the last thing I want to do!


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