Thursday, 1 December 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

It's been a while since my last post, but I've been caught up with Christmas preparations!  I've had my mum staying for the last few days as well which creates more work as well, but at least I've got quite a few presents sorted now.

I've had my first surprise exchange arrive and it was a lovely pin cushion from Debbie, along with some postcards, bookmark calendar and some lovely threads along with a Christmas card.

This morning I sent off all the overseas parcels and cards along with the December surprise package. Fingers crossed they arrive at the destinations in one piece!

I've added some photo's of the cards I made onto the Completed Stitching tab.  I've not really made many cards and I'm not really that creative so they are very basic, but hopefully it's something I can improve on.

As well as making cards, I've managed to make a fair bit of progress on Henry VIII.

 I've also stuck my neck out and signed up to join the HAED freebie 2012 Stitch Along.  I plan to stitch the Blue Moon Story Keep and can't wait to start.  I've also been gridding the fabric ready to start my Tiny Treasure Violet Sometimes and a larger project called Endless Dream by Christophe Vacher:

Just waiting to get the materials list for the Blue Moon then I'll do a bulk order from Louise at Across Town Stitching.  I seem to have loads to stitch for next year which should keep me busy and for a change it's all things that I want to stitch for myself, although no doubt there will be things that crop up that I want to make for others as well.

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