Tuesday, 10 February 2015

YOTA - February

My post is a little late, I finally got my PC upgraded so it's taken a while to sort it out and install all the stuff I had on my previous.  I'm still not quite there, but it's definitely on the way!

Now, about my YOTA project, turns out I've "borrowed" a fair amount of the threads to use in other projects, which I completely forgot.  I'm now waiting on a fairly large thread order to arrive so that I can get a bit of stitching done!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the people who left such nice comments about my finish of Pyramid 4.  I admit, my stitchy bug went wandering once it was done, but it's slowly coming back and I've been doing a little bit.


  1. Enjoy all your new thread! Glad to hear that your stitchy bug is returning.

  2. Ooh lovely post on its way to you!

  3. Ack I love and hate new computers. On the one hand they are so exciting and pretty and new, on the other you have to set the whole thing up to how you like it again. Phones are the same :D I'm always borrowing thread from one project for another and then when I need it can't find it anywhere. Sorry to hear your stitching bug took off somewhere but thankfully it is coming back.


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