Sunday, 11 January 2015

YOTA (Year of the Acronym)

YOTA is a Stitch A-Long (SAL) that is being hosted by Pull The Other Thread.  It's a UFO SAL (hence Year of the Acronym!), so basically any project that has been left by the wayside and unfinished.

I've not really set any firm goals for this year, I generally fail, so rather than set myself up to be disappointed I've replaced them with "loose plans"!

1. Stitch QS Clara - any progress is a step forward
2. Try and finish Pyramid 4
3. Don't be sucked in by too many SAL's! (Note...."Too Many", allows for being slightly sucked it!")

Handily, QS Clara falls into the YOTA criteria, so YAY!  I've not stitched on her yet, so this will be my starting point for the year;

I'm setting up a tab specifically to track my progress for this to make it easy to see how it goes.  I've no idea how much will get stitched, but any stitches at all will be a step forward!


  1. Yay so glad to see this coming out again! She looks fantastic already. Good luck with getting some progress in on it.

  2. Gorgeous! Love her. You're onto the fun bit now, all the bright colours!

  3. Lovely choice for the SAL! This one is in my stash so I will enjoy watching this one each month :)

  4. Lovely progress! She looks like she's being painted in. Great colors! :D

  5. I too like the idea of colouring Clara in and look forward to seeing your progress. I like your plans for 2015 too - nothing too specific but enough to keep you motivated. With such open-ended plans you might even exceed them! :)

  6. Love the colors in Clara. Her eyes are amazing. Love watching you color her in.


  7. Love your "loose plans" plan! Sounds good to me!

  8. Its kinda nice not having a specific plan for the year, my only goal is to finish one particular project, the rest is all gravy! LOL I like the loose pants idea!

    Clara is going to look great at least you got all that tedious black outlining out of the way!


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